scott chapin

poseur of polka
In the early 90's while doing a morning radio show, I did a feature called the "Friday Morning Polka Party", where I'd take a well known song and record it polka style.  Over the years, people have tracked me down on the website asking for some of the songs.  Here they are!!!  You will need an mp3 player to hear the songs.(AOLand Microsoft Internet Explorer have mp3 players built-in.  Just download and open the file from within the browser) So kick back, tap a beer, grab a kielbasa and polka the night away!!!

"anna one anna two anna......"

Polka The Night Away.mp3

Aqualung Polka.mp3

Cant Drive 55 Polka.mp3

Cant Get Enough of Your Love Polka.mp3

Change Your Eatin Ways Polka.mp3

Heartburn Hotel Polka.mp3

Polish Night Before Christmas

Highway to Hell Waltz.mp3

In a Gadda Da Vida Polka.mp3

Jumpin Jack Flash-Iron ManPolka.mp3

Livin in Hamtramck Polka.mp3

Livin Lovin Maid Polka.mp3

Move It on Over Waltz.mp3

Octopus's Garden Polka.mp3

Run Rudolph Polka.mp3

Sock It To me Baby Polka.mp3

Some Kind of Wunnerful Polka.mp3

Summer Time Blues Polka.mp3

Sunshine of Your Love Polka.mp3

Tequila Polka.mp3